Fail and success of educated guys

We had a meeting with my school-mates from secondary school to celebrate our 15 years from passing our A levels. Our school was oriented on electronic and I have to say it wasn´t easy. There was a lot of homework, laboratory protocols, tough exams and if you wanted to pass with a good mark you had to study hard and spend most of the weekends on laboratory protocols.

I have later continued with two bachelor degrees and one master degree in cybernetics, artificial intelligence and computer science and still cannot decide if the university degrees were not easier to get. As a proof can serve that there were 30 guys in the first grade and only 15 finished their A-levels, most of the 15 guys were expelled during the 4 years of study because of the F-mark in multiple subjects.

And here comes the fun. The most successful guys in the later life turned up to be the guys who were expelled from the school sooner or later during the 4 years. Several of them are successful businessmen, one of them even candidate for a businessman of the year.

I´m not saying that we others who have finished our secondary schools and universities with a good marks are doing bad. On a contrary, we all have a very good and well-paid jobs…but not one of us who have continued to the university are businessmen. We are all employed and doing well but still…it seems that the standard education is really producing employees and not businessmen. And the guys that does not fit so well in this scheme just have to find another way to succeed and if things go well, these guys can make tremendous success.

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