Who am I

This blog is a way to keep my thoughts and experiences recorded for myself and possibly for others with similar management interests. I also hope this blog will attract decent amount of readers and we will be able to discuss some of the interesting topics.

Concerning myself I have a background in electronics and programming. I was building small electronics devices and played with the Linux system since I was a kid.

Later I started programming. As a part time on a university I worked mainly on firmware of the industrial devices: CNC milling systems and measurement devices in factories. After finishing the University focused on Cybernetics, Electronics and Computer Science I started with programming full time. I did the information, control and diagnostic systems for trains. Parts of my software are running all over the world (Europe, China, Russia etc.).

Around my 30th birthday (2014) I became a head of the software development of the company and that´s where I really found myself.

I was responsible for a software department consisting of 25 developers in two subsidiaries. In addition to that I led some of the projects and helped with the European subsidized projects. That all meant one huge leap in a career and even bigger leap in responsibility since the manufactured products that were running our software were worth 20 millions EUR per year. Some of the software was safety grade and most of it were control systems for trains, underground trains, trams and gas storage all over the world.

After another several years I changed the job and started elsewhere as a software manager. This time the role is more about the line management. That means that my actual role is less project oriented and more process and people oriented.

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